School Lockers

As we all know students are not always over-cautious with their school lockers. Firm lockers with robust locks are important characteristics of school lockers. Noki Lock supplies these lockers. By default they are equiped with an electronic locking system. Resulting in lockers that are quickly opened using a key-pass. Because of this pass, complecated key administration is no longer necesarry and even the school passes can be coupled to the locker system.

Managing the passes is very easy and doesn't require advanced technology knowledge. Changing the owner of a locker is just a matter of seconds by simply blocking the fist pass and allowing acces to a second pass. When a pass is lost/stolen they can easily be blocked and replaced by another pass. 

We even have lockers specialy made to fit the length of the younger students in e.g. primary school. The KidLock lockers will make sure each student can reach his/her valuables without a struggle. 

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